Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A question about how to configure LeftHand SAN

I inherited a Lefthand SAN installation and have been working to figure out how it works and configure it correctly.  I hope that someone here can assist me with the configuration for our VMWare configuration.  We are running VMWare 3.5 and we need to sort out this storage solution before we upgrade to the latest version.

We need a single volume or two that can be seen by the two existing hosts we have in a VMWare cluster.  We need to add another machine to the cluster eventually, but right now we have the problem where there is not enough disk space to do anything until we expand one existing volume that is connected to the two hosts.  Also, there is a second volume that should span two hosts but doesn’t.  I can’t quite understand why because it looks like it should be configured correctly.

I have attached screen shots from the Lefthand and VMWare configurations with the hope that someone can quickly tell why this isn’t set up right and tell me the errors that prevent the two hosts don’t both see the two volumes.

Additionally, I need to know if I can simply expand one or both of the volumes (I do have space on the SAN) and also how to connect a future VMWare host to the two existing volumes.
I would be grateful if you could point me towards the best sections of documentation to read, or any other good sources of instruction.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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