Thursday, February 16, 2012

P4000 Move Failover Manager from Cluster

When the HyperV server that hosts the F.O.M. reboots, we lose quorum on the P4000 San Cluster and everything slams shut.

My question is how do I go about moving the Fail Over Manager to another server?


either way works.  remove the old and recreate a new FOM on a local disk or export the old and import it back to a local disk... doesn't matter... either way getting that FOM to a local independent disk is correct.

edit #2>   You weren't clear if your VSA system is hardware dedicated or the software VSA... if its software, make sure you don't put one of the VSA nodes on the same system as the FOM since if you lose that hardware you still lose quorum.  IE:  you must have three physical host computers to have a two node SAN and two node hyper-v cluster.  You can make a two-node hyper-v cluster and put one VSA instance on the local storage of each of the hyper-v nodes and you will maintain N+1 redundancy as long as you have a FOM installed on a third hyper-v server (that is using local storage for the FOM as well)

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