Thursday, July 30, 2009

EqualLogic a good buy for Dell

EqualLogic sales are up 71% versus overall storage revenues down 17 % year on year (for dell)

Dell said that the EqualLogic storage business is now four times larger than when it was acquired in November 2007 for $1.4bn. At that time, EqualLogic was looking like a $100m/year revenue company, implying a $400m/year revenue run rate now.
I haven't seen a similar post from HP but I have been searching for how the purchase of LH has gone for them.

This post kind of echoes my findings

With all the talk about FCoE and NFS it seems that iSCSI has become the odd man out. All reports indicate that Dell continues to do well with the EqualLogic acquisition but what Hewlett-Packard is doing with its LeftHand Networks purchase remains unclear. Don’t count iSCSI out yet, though -- companies are planning iSCSI storage solutions aimed right at the SME market.

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