Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Support and simpleness, Equallogic is KISS

I hear it time and time again, using Equallogic is about as easy as it gets!
From the survey below, from the article is 'When asked to respond to the statement 'This product is easy to use', a remarkable 19 out of 22 rated it a perfect 8.0, yielding an average score of 7.64.
From the blog post All things being Equal(logic) below.
'I don't think I've ever installed a storage system that is easier than the Equallogic boxes to get up and running'
And then three years later
To say that administering an Equallogic array is easy is almost an understatement, this thing takes virtually no time to administer.
From the InfoWorld article
As I mentioned, configuring the PS3800XV is a blindingly simple task.
Gartner 2008,
Its PS Series is among the easiest to install in the industry, and most of its customers install the storage systems themselves.

Its EqualLogic series is among the easiest to install in the industry and offers automatic load balancing among multiple nodes.
And now onto the topic of support.

This post rates their support as excellent.


This post states that he didn't choose EqualLogic but he would choose it again because of support!


Here are two nice reviews as well


Overall it looks like EqualLogic passes the KISS test.

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