Monday, July 27, 2009

Influential posts Equallogic Versus Lefthand

This post

and this followup post

Even though they point out some possible flaws for equallogic are actually quite comforting in that they bring things down to earth.

What I take from the posts are
  • Install is dead simple (I get this from everyone and everywhere)
  • Performance is good
In his first post he mentions how it is easy to delete a volume, and in the second he mentions that equallogic took some of there UI suggestions! (I love to hear a company that is listening!!)

  • Takes virtually no time to administer.
  • Added improved replication, RAID 6, and thin provisioning.
  • Reliability - ZERO service issues from 4 storage arrays. Compared to EMC which had multiple
What he doesn't like is how space hungry the snapshots are. Equallogic apparently allocates snapshots in 16MB pages.

This is a place that I think LeftHand is ahead, you don't have to preallocate space for the snapshots instead they are thin provisioned.

At the end of the post he says that come next year he is not sure if he will stick with Equallogic, so he is definitely looking for something else.

It is nice to see a post from an Equallogic person at least trying to address his concerns.

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