Friday, July 24, 2009

First up Equallogic UI Versus Lefthand UI

The first thing that I noticed is that it is very difficult to find examples of the SAN/iQ UI. On the other hand Equallogic screenshots are all over the place. I stole this equallogic pic from here

There is an image here
And here
And here
And youtube videos
Now I realize that most of these are user generated web pages. But it is interesting to note that it seems to be a lot more difficult to find out what the UI of the LeftHand SAN will be.

So in the search to find out what the lefthand SAN will look like this is the first hit on youtube. I could not make this up if I tried, ok don't watch that it actually doesn't show the interface. That presentation puts me to sleep (not produced by lefthand to be fair) I wish both of these vendors had more information out for what their stuff looked like.

Ok, after some heavy googling I ran across some screen shots for the LeftHand SAN
(From the spiceworks user limey, go spiceworks!)

Here is another

I also found a couple of pics inside a book from here

I hope that can sort of give you a taste of what the different UI's look like. Maybe some Equallogic or Lefthand people will reply with screenshots of common interface tasks. (To be fair I should probably download the LeftHand virtual machine and get some screen shots from it, maybe in a future post)

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  1. Nice thing about EqualLogic is that you can view the entire GUI how-to info online .. has lots of screenshots :-)
    Also you can watch live or on-demand videos of EqualLogic setup and use scenarios at

    We went through the same decision process a couple years ago ... and ended up going EQL and have loved it.

    Last year I got a unique opportunity to begin selling EQL part-time through a Dell Certified Partner that focuses on EQL storage solutions. Since I already used and recommend EQL to my peers it was a no-brainer :-)

    I'd be happy to give you my 2cents as biased free as I can make it...if nothing else I can hook you up with other EQL customers to chat with :-)